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Welcome to the new Stuart911.com website. We hope that this website will grow to be a valuable informational tool for the community of Stuart. Information about the Stuart Police Department will be posted along with any news and updates. Thanks for visiting!

Service with Pride and Integrity.

The Stuart Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency in Stuart, IA. The Stuart Police Dept's main task is enforcing municipal, state and federal laws, however it's members also respond to a wide variety of calls for service. Some of the services in which Stuart officers provide are:

  • Animal Control
  • First response to medical/fire emergencies
  • Motorist complaints
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Civil Stand-by
  • Alarm response
  • Criminal investigations
  • Traffic control

To learn more about the services provided by Stuart officers or to learn more about the officers, feel free to visit the rest of our website.

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